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Money Twist Primary (P3-P7)

Work Inspiration and Preparation Provided by MYBNK

This fully-funded programme combines assembly, workshop, teacher and family resources to build positive habits early and improve financial confidence.


Delivery method: 3 x 1hour 15min session per class delivered over 3 weeks.


P3-P4 cover:

Assembly: Intro to different money mindsets, consequences of everyday spending and saving.
My Money: How and where we get money including different types of jobs, forms of payment and different bank accounts.
My Choices: Job-role scenarios involving making choices with money, delayed gratification, needs/wants.
My Future: Understanding why people save, setting money goals and how having positive money habits now helps in the future.


P5-P7 cover:

Assembly: as above
My Money: Awareness of money habits, delayed gratification and strategies to resist temptation when spending.
My Choices: Prioritising needs/wants, cost of living and exploraiton of budgeting.
My Future: Benefits of saving, understanding interest, financial risks and setting a future finance goal.

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31st August - 8th June 2025 (1hr 15mins)


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