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Aon Work Insight Programme

Work Experience and Placements Provided by AON UK LIMITED

AON, a global professional services firm, are offering a Work Insights Programme that will give work experience placements to S5 & S6 students in Glasgow. 
The programme will inspire and arm young people with the practical experience to help them make better decisions for their future careers, as well as inviting students into the often-closed world of Financial and Professional Services. 


A previous participant said, “I’ve really enjoyed the Aon Work Insights Programme. I have learned about the opportunities open to me, gained an understanding of the benefits of networking, of being part of a good work culture, and having a plan for the future."  


88% of students said they would recommend the opportunity to other students.


The 3-day programme will be hosted in Aon’s offices from 19th - 21st June. Students will enjoy direct mentorship with Aon employees, group competitions, and engage in company-wide networking. Lunch will and expenses-covered travel are provided.

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Offer details

Open date

18th June - 20th June 2024 (09:30 - 16:00)


At our location

Venue location

60 York Street


G2 8JX

Related industries

Financial services




Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old)


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