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Robotics Club: Ready, Set, LEGO! (P4-P7) - April

Work Inspiration and Preparation Provided by HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN PLC

Robotic Adventures in STEM


Using the Lego Spike Essentials kit participants dive into the realms of STEM while exploring the world of robotics and its endless possibilities


As part of a dynamic team, participants are empowered to channel their creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills to design, build, and code their very own robots. At this club, imagination knows no bounds! 


Our dedicated team of experienced mentors and educators will help build a foundation for your young innovators’ success in their future careers that are not just limited to robotics or technology – the skills they develop here are universal! 


Visit to see the other times we are running Ready, Set, Lego! as well as all of our other clubs for P4-S6 students.

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Open date

23rd April - 28th May 2024 (16:00 - 17:15)


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Venue location

Tynecastle Park

McLeod Street


EH11 2NL

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Digital technologies

Engineering and manufacturing





Primary school pupil

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Edinburgh (City of)

East Lothian


West Lothian