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What does a career in Social Care or Social Housing Look Like?

Work Inspiration and Preparation Provided by Blackwood Homes & Care

Discover a world of endless opportunities in the fields of Social Care and Social Housing with Blackwood Homes and Care.


Understand how you can embark on a career that allows you to make a lasting impact on individuals and communities.


·        In Care, you could provide care and support 

·        In Housing you could be allocating new homes and creating a great environment for those in our homes

·        In Assets or Development you could be involved with maintaining properties or designing & working with construction partners on new housing developments

·        Or within our Corporate teams you could support organisational growth and transformation through Human Resources, Finance or Quality Assurance Roles


We will also consider how these roles may change through technological innovation and how Blackwood is researching robots and other technologies to support independent living.

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22nd August 2023 (1hr)


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Construction and built environment

Social care




Secondary S4 to S6 (14-18 year old)

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