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Money and Skills Development at Museum on the Mound

Work Inspiration and Preparation Provided by Museum on the Mound, Lloyds Banking Group

Museum on the Mound offers money-related sessions for pupils of all ages and abilities. These bring the subject of money to life and make links across the curriculum. The focus is on handling real artefacts and learning by doing. We aim to make the sessions as engaging and hands-on as possible.

Pupils can:

• Explore unusual currencies once used around the world

• Discover the history of coins and strike a replica medieval penny

• Find out how our cash is protected from forgery

• Discuss different ways of keeping money safe at home and at the bank

• Design their own coin, note or badges

Our sessions offer rich opportunities for practising and developing skills for learning, life and work. We work with small groups in a nurturing environment with the aim of building confidence.

Sessions can be tailored to the interests of a group, and the concentration levels of pupils. We can be extremely flexible about the format of a visit and can open the Museum on a Monday when it is closed to the public.

Contact Museum on the Mound, Lloyds Banking Group to find out more

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29th June - 31st December 2026 (1hr)


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Secondary S1 to S3 (11-14 year old)

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